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MARKOV Solutions is the free-lance company of Mark Overmeer.

The creation of websites starts by organizing the set up, with questions like: what is the exact target community, what is the message we want to pass, who will provide us that information, and (the hardest of all) who will maintain it? When these answers are clear, the technical aspects are only a minor issue.

Above all, the website has to bring the right message, and in my experience, most websites are unsuccessful in this respect. Internet is a completely different medium than paper, television, or telephone: it has its own rules about user friendliness and dynamical behavior. It is a pity that these factors are only little understood.

For the creation of new websites does not have my focus, on the moment. However, you may use my experience when

  • you are in need of an independent advice;
  • to evaluate a website built by someone else; or
  • you need a specialist which guides your Internet developments.


An overview of my Internet related activities (incomplete):

  • The first website I constructed was "The Dutch Home Page" (DHP), which was the tenth (in order of appearance) website in the Netherlands. This was the first index which listed the Internet activities in the Netherlands. It was sold after four years to the large Publishing company Wegener. Some parts of the old site are still available under the new name Track.
  • Speaker on
    • NLUUG (Unix User Group - The Netherlands) conference 1995 on the construction of the DHP website.
    • TERENA/NordUnet conference 1999 with a talk and a paper in IEEE Computer Networks. Subject: the possibilities for the improved construction of search engines.
    • TERENA/NordUnet conference 1999, with a paper in IEEE Computer Networks about a very different implementation of an interface to search engines.
    • NLUUG conference Web Applications, 22 May 2003.
  • Trainer and developer of the course Constructing Websites at AT Computing.
  • Trainer and developer of the course Programming for Websites at AT Computing.
  • Internal website with 75.000 satellite images, in cooperation with Geoserve.


Currently involved in

The more detailed list of all my Internet activities can be found on my personal website.

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