Programming (in Perl and C)

MARKOV Solutions is the free-lance company of Mark Overmeer.

My first contact with computers dates back to 1980 (before the first PC was born), when I was member of a "Young Scientists". Some bright guys had built their own computer with an astounding 2 kB of memory.

I have programmed in about 30 programming languages since, amongst them various machine code and scripting languages. The languages Perl and C have my preference.

In Perl, I developed and maintain a large number of modules, as can be seen on my personal Perl pages. Often, I give talks on International Perl Conferences. Programming in C was my full time job during more than ten years.

If you want to benefit most from my abilities, hire me to

  • program Perl or C, (or any other Unix based language),
  • code auditing,
  • rewrites of existing, unmaintainable code (software pathology), or
  • configuration of a software development environment.

I solely develop on a Linux platform, although my products are usually platform independent. My preferences are with complex, technical problems, and less with database applications or websites.


overview of experiences, incomplete list:

  • Speaker on
    • multiple meetings of the NLUUG, the Unix User Group The Netherlands,
    • a few SANE conferences; the European (Unix) System administrators and Network Managers conferences.
    • many Perl conferences (YAPCs), workshops and meetings.
    Full details and slides are provided on my Perl Papers site.
  • Maintainer and developer of Open Source software, mainly in Perl (overview).
  • Trainer of The C Programming Language at AT Computing.
  • Trainer of The Perl Programming Language at AT Computing.
  • Trainer and course developer of Object Oriented Perl at AT Computing
  • Course The Java Programming Language at AT Computing.
  • Course Client-Server Programming at AT Computing.
  • Course X-Window Programming at AT Computing.
  • Course Yordon software development.
  • MSc in Computer Science (Informatics) at the University of Nijmegen, with subjects like: compiler construction, databases, and real-time process design. The Master Thesis was titled "Real-Time Fault Tolerance in Multi-Controller systems".


  • Development and maintenance of many CPAN (Perl) modules. List of own modules (since 2000)
  • Implementation of all Perl applications for the nl ccTLD maintained SIDN (since 2005)
  • Support for SOAP interface development for the municipality of San Diego, USA (2010-2011)
  • Support for webmail development, Portsmouth UK (2011)
  • Implementation of various data conversions for SURFnet NL (2011)
  • Project to apply the ESA EOP standard to satellite product meta-data funded by the NIVR, the Netherlands Agency for Aerospace Programmes (2007-2009)
  • Connector for webshop with external data provider, via XML-SOAP (2008)
  • Development of the whole infrastructure plus all software for an archive which contains tens of thousands of satellite or aerial photos of hundreds of megabytes each on disk. Access via a web-interface (since 2004)
  • Organizer of eight "Dutch Perl Workshops" in (since 2004)


  • Teacher "Perl" at the School voor ICT in Arnhem, part of the school for intermediate vocational eduction Rijn-IJssel (2004)
  • Development of a webmail back-end, which will serve millions of users in Germany on a large cluster (2004)
  • Twice participant of the European qualifying round of ACMs International Collegiate Programming Contest ICPC (1983 and 1984)

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