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Mark Overmeer, CV

Name: M.A.C.J. (Mark) Overmeer, MSc
Address: Sweelincklaan 8
6815 BH Arnhem
The Netherlands
Date of Birth: 5 April 1966, Arnhem


1978-1984, KGL in Arnhem, secondary school
Final exams in Dutch, English, Mathematics I and II, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
1984-1990, Computer Science at the Radboud University
Primarily focused on the technical side of Informatics, with Physics as minor. Master degree project was named "Real-Time Fault Tolerance in Multi-Controller Systems".
1990-1996, System programmer at the National Aerospace Laboratories NLR
Developer of software to implement network-wide system administration. Besides that, participant in a few larger development projects.
1996-2002, trainer for AT Computing
Teacher and course developer for UNIX, C, Perl, and Internet related subjects at this (in Holland) renowned UNIX training company.
2002-now, self-employed
On this moment working as free-lancer under the name MARKOV Solutions. My primar field of interest is unusual complex programming problems and internet developments.


The fundaments of my computer related activities were laid at De Jonge Onderzoekers (Young Scientists), where I came in touch with their self-made computer in 1978. I learned to program BASIC and assembly, and then designed a few computers myself.

During my study Computing Science (Informatics) at the Radboud University, I was most attracted by the technical subjects. And only when I had taken all the classes they had to offer, my time had come to finish. My Master Thesis, entitled Fault Tolerance in Real-Time Multi-Controller Systems, implemented a system with many computers which continuously check and correct another. An example of such a system can be found in the Space Shuttle. Complex systems fascinate me.

After my degree, I came to work for the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratories NLR. Located below sea-level in a Dutch polder, the NLR is mainly occupied with research and development for the airplanes and satellites. To support this work, it has a very modern computing center. On the moment I started working at the NLR, they just had bought their second UNIX computer. When I left, they had 130 from 20 different brands.

My task at the Computing Center was to organize the centralized backup and user registration. Therefore, I wrote enormous amounts of C and shell scripts. Besides, I participated in a few large scale software projects.

During my stay at the NLR, the World Wide Web emerged. The NLR was one of the first places where WWW got implemented. As hobby project, I helped with the development of The Dutch Home Page, the tenth website (in order of appearance) in the Netherlands. On this very moment, I still own a stack of websites. Regularly, new sites are added to that list.

After six years at the NLR, I wanted to learn more. By joining the renowned UNIX training company AT Computing I could dedicate my time on UNIX system administration, website development, and Perl and C programming. In total, I gave about ten different courses, of which I had developed three.

At AT Computing, I came in touch with Perl. It became my preferred language in the last five years: it is the fastest language to implement all my ideas. Sometimes, I use C or Java to support Perl. On this moment, I maintain five Open Source Perl modules of my own hand. They are available from CPAN, the central Perl software archive. Most of these modules are e-mail related.

In short:

  • experienced administrator for many UNIX brands, but in the last 10 years mainly OpenSUSE, Debian, and Ubuntu Linux;
  • experienced programmer (over 30 languages used), recently mostly Perl, C, Bash, and Javascript; and
  • experienced website developer, both the technical as the user interfacing aspect: HTML, CSS, Apache, Ajax, jQuery.


Software development (1978-)
Too much to list. Some examples:
Implementation and maintenance of over sixty (some huge) perl modules, mainly focused on XML, email processing, and GIS.
Development of a network appliance for security investigations (2013-)
Implementation of an intrastructure to upload dozens of GB, by thousands of customers per day, for a German company (2013-2015)
Development of the whole clustered infrastructure plus all software for an archive with huge satellite imagery: 75,000 products of 300MB upto 32GB each. Access via a web-interface (2004-2013)
Software development for SIDN, the Dutch internet name-space authority (2005-2010)
Apply ESA EOP standard to satellite product meta-data funded by the NIVR (2007-2009)
Website development (1995-)
Many many websites, for example Stichting NLnet, Vereniging NLUUG, and Arion Muziek.
Teacher Linux/UNIX and Perl (1996-)
As continuationg for the previous job, substitute teacher at AT Computing (2002-2009)
Teacher "Linux" and "Perl" at the School voor ICT in Arnhem, part of the school for intermediate vocational eduction Rijn-IJssel (2002-2004)
Daily UNIX/Linux administration (1988-)
Maintenance of my own systems (1990-)
Netwerk backbone development and administration of the Geomatics Business Park. (2004-2011)
Administration of a small company's network with central Linux system and a few PCs (2004-2011)
Advice and design
DESIRE2, evaluation of the results of 15 research projects which were sponsored by the European Union (2000)
Consulting a web-shop to restructure its activities and software development (2004)

A more up-to-date and detailed list can be found at

natural languages

Dutch and English are in daily need: reading, speaking and writing go with ease. German is on conversational level: reading is not a problem, speaker is ok, but do not ask me to write German.

papers and presentations

In an average year, I visit about 8 conferences, of which three abroad. Next to that, I show up at at least 15 evening meetings. When I visit a conference or meeting, I often give a presentation usually about Internet and Perl.

A full overview of my conference appearences is available on the company's website: the list is far too long to include here.

other activities

My current activities include:

  • NLUUG, association for professional users of open systems, open protocols, and UNIX/Linux. Secretary from 2009-2014. All member administration 2011-2022.
  • NINJA, the alumni organization for former Computer Science students. Since 2000 mainly as Secretary.
  • long-distance walks, and
  • volleyball and wallyball on a non-competition level.