MARKOV Solutions is the free-lance company of Mark Overmeer. To give you an impression about my skills:

Scripting in Perl [shell, sed, awk, ...] and programming in C
Programming is my day-and-night joy, already since 1980. Perl and C are my preferred languages. Tasks are never too complicated for me! Fast results, efficient and maintainable code, and a flexible attitude towards support and extensions are my key qualities. More >>>
Unix/Linux system administration
Don't ask me a thing about Windows, but everything about the Unix and Linux platforms. In 22 years hands-on experience as Unix developer and Unix trainer, I have seen even the most remote corners of these systems. More >>>
Website development
The first website I created dates from early 1995. Therefore, my experience can will help you avoiding the mistakes I already made before. More >>>
System Architect
Gained enough experience in various fields to be useful at places where the overview is required: advice, system design, system restructuring, or quality assurance. More >>>
Other facts
Various other computer related activities and personal facts. More >>>