Unix/Linux System Administration

MARKOV Solutions is the free-lance company of Mark Overmeer.

During my study Computer Science an Nijmegen University, I came in touch with Unix. Since then, I have been working with many kinds of Unix and Linux. Don't ask me a thing about Windows, ask me about Unix!

My first occupation was in the main computing center of the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratories (NLR). My task was to write system maintenance code, which had to run on over 20 different brands of Unix. The second job was as trainer and course developer at Netherlands largest Unix training company AT Computing .

Unix/Linux is the platform of choice for all my activities: programming, website building, etc. My experience can help your organization in various ways. To give some examples:

  • you have short term or part time need for some extra hands in your computing center,
  • you are in need for advice on infrastructural improvements,
  • you need someone to disentangle the current situation both the hardware and software,
  • you want a stable (re-)installation of your Linux system, or
  • you like to know whether Linux is an alternative for your Windows environment.


Linux is a Unix dialect, just as HP, IBM and Sun Microsystems produce their own dialects. The advantages of Linux are that it is free of charge, you do not need licenses at all, and the enormous amount of high quality software which is available.
The main disadvantage of Linux is that no single company is behind the operating system: you need to get the support (if needed) from some third party, for instance from me. I can take care of your need for assistance.


  • Trainer Introduction Unix Users at AT Computing.
  • Trainer Experienced Unix Users at AT Computing.
  • Trainer Unix Administrators at AT Computing.
  • Course development Linux Daily System Maintenance at AT Computing.
  • Course TCP/IP-1: Local Area Networking at AT Computing.
  • Course TCP/IP-2: Wide Area Networking at AT Computing.
  • Six years multi-platform application developer for Unix in a huge networking environment: the computing center of the Dutch National Aerospace Laboratories (NLR).
  • Operating systems used:
    Linux Debian *
    Linux Ubuntu *
    Linux RedHat
    Linux SuSE *
    Unix AIX
    Unix HP-UX
    Unix IRIX
    Unix OSF/1
    Unix SUPER-UX
    Unix Solaris
    Unix SunOS4
    (*) = still in daily use


  • System administration for websites, DNS, DHCP, Postfix, FTP, SSH for a few dozen domains. Both commerially as voluntary work. (1995-)
  • Teacher "Linux" at the School voor ICT in Arnhem, part of the school for intermediate vocational eduction Rijn-IJssel. (2002-2004, 2011)
  • Installation and daily maintenance of a network of Linux file-servers, each with 2 to 16 TeraByte of disk-space (2004-2011)
  • Maintainer of the backbone network infrastructure of the Geomatics Business Park GBP (2004-2011)
  • Maintainer of a small business infrastructure, with a few central Linux servers and a dozen Windows PCs (2003-2011)
  • System, database, and network optimization for an internet bookings agency. (2003-2004)

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